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At your service!

Evadoc newsletter 11-2, Summer 2021 Content At Your Service!Open Monuments Day & Project Diverse Religious Heritage in FlandersInterns Evangelical Theological Faculty, LeuvenOperation Mobilisatie InternationalAcquisitionsCrowdfundingKADOC-KU LeuvenSubscribe or Unsubscribe At Your Service! Fortunately, many Covid-19 measures will have been lifted or relaxed … Continue reading

Cultural Heritage from Past and Present

Table of contents Evadoc E-newsletter 11-1 Winter 2020-2021 Changing TimesVolunteerHemelsbreedETF-TraineeSharing ExpertiseFlemish Cultural Heritage Day 2021New AcquisitionsSubscribe or Unsubscribe Changing times The Covid-19 measures have profoundly impacted our society since mid-March 2020. Clearly, this also had an impact Evadoc’s operations. The … Continue reading

E-newsletter June 2011

Evadoc E-newsletter June 2011 2nd year of publication, no. 1, June 2011 Contents Introduction Regional Study Evenings Exhibitions French-speaking Belgium Acquisitions LIAS Committee of Recommendation Donations Introduction It has already been one year since the first E-newsletter of Evadoc was … Continue reading

Evadoc E-Bulletin

Evadoc E-Bulletin, Volume 5, n° 1 Fall 2014 New Website Lecture Sébastien Fath ‘Towards the Ends of the Earth’ Heritage Day 2014 Heritage Day 2015 and 2016 Digitalizing Acquisitions Diary Fall 2014 This newsletter has been published a little later … Continue reading