The collection contains Protestant archives, books, magazines, brochures, posters, and audiovisual publications that were published in Flanders (Belgium) and/or relate to Protestant-evangelical Flanders (Belgium).

Publications are freely consultable. For archives the conditions of accessibility are laid down in a contract of deposit. Because these archives are governed by private law, the owner may determine how long the archive should be ‘closed’, i.e., not consultable. Special attention is paid to a priori sensitive material. This guarantees safe and controlled accessibility. Anyone wishing to consult and/or copy archive material can only do so with the express written permission of the person responsible. Depending on the agreement made, this may be the owner himself or the non-profit organization Evadoc.

Publications can be found through Limo, the integrated search interface of the KU Leuven libraries, or through the KADOC interface (subcollection: Evadoc).
Part of the collection has been digitized and can be found via LIAS, the Leuven Integral Archiving System.